Today, your employees need access to their email at all times, from any location and across devices. Hosted Exchange takes care of this by providing anywhere access to email, calendar, and contacts on all major browsers and across employees’ favorite devices. And integration with Outlook means they will enjoy a rich, familiar email experience and offline access.

As more and more emails seem to appear in inboxes each day, having business email in the Microsoft cloud helps your employees manage this volume more effectively. It also enables more productivity and better team collaboration. Not only is this great for the business—but it’s also great for your employees and partners.

We provide a variety of on-premise, managed, and hosted email solutions for clients to suit their needs. Our solution includes:

  • Preliminary auditing and consultation: Do you need an on premise server? Should you reduce overall cost by moving your email to the cloud?
  • Design/build server deployment
  • Desktop level: install and manage e-mail clients
  • E-mail Filtering (Anti-spam) protection
  • E-mail Archiving Solutions + Compliance Archiving solutions for small and medium businesses
  • Smart Phone integration for Apple iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices
  • IMAP, POP and webmail solutions
  • Brick level back-up and Disaster Recovery
  • Training and support
  • Much more

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