Who We Are

Serving clients in the Greater Seattle Area since 2007, The Altus Group is an information technology outsourcing and consulting company that specializes in providing right-sized solutions to small businesses and non-profits.

We want to be your trusted partner. Everyone at The Altus Group knows we have to earn that with every interaction. All of us at The Altus Group team share a dedication to quality interactions, continuous improvement, and a keen understanding that IT exists to empower organizations to achieve their goals.

Our Mission

To foster outstanding interactions between our staff and the not-for-profit and small business communities throughout the Greater Seattle Area by delivering, with integrity, predictable and reliable Information Technology services that align with our clients’ specific objectives.

Core Values

The Altus Group is full of business professionals with a passion for technology, and we bring that passion to everything we do. We have a “Work hard, play hard” mentality that is contagious.

The Altus Group maintains four Core Values that guide the way in which we operate, serve our customers, serve our employees, and ultimately drive our success. The values effectively represent the DNA of our company and we ask that our customers, partners, and staff hold us accountable in everything that we do on a day-to-day basis.

Do What We Say
Do What It Takes
Do What Is Right
Do It With Care

Social Responsibility

At The Altus Group we recognize the importance of giving back to the community and we take pride in our individual and company-wide efforts to help the greater good. Employees are encouraged to be active in volunteering, civic groups, and the Chamber of Commerce. We take great pleasure in supporting the not-for-profit community with quality right-sized services and support and the lowest price possible.

At The Altus Group we are particularly active regarding diversity in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), most specifically as it relates to gender diversity and neurodiversity in Information Technology. Women account for only about 20% of the IT work-force while study after study shows that organizations that focus on gender diversity are more productive. Studies suggest that approximately 1 in 45 people in the United States is on the Autism Spectrum. Many of these people are highly capable and creative in technical roles, yet traditional hiring practices value social skills over technical skills. At The Altus Group we seek to create opportunity for a diverse workforce, both within our company and throughout our community.